• 1936 Bière

    Our 1936 lager is brewed with the softest water sourced within the Swiss Alps. This golden lager obtains its refreshing taste from beautiful Swiss hops & pilsner malt. It's very crisp and clean with a slight sweetness and we are told very moreish. This is a very refreshing lager which we are sure you will love.

    • Type of beer: Lager
    • Alcohol content: 4.7%
    • Colour: Golden
    • Hops: Stammheim & Hallertau
    • Overall impression: Crisp, fresh & light
    • Drinking temperature: 4-6°C
    • Since: 2012
    • Goes well with: Salmon, pasta, spicy dishes,
      marbled meat, vegetarian dishes, cheeses
      platers, chicken

1936 Bière

Brewed by the Locher family at the foot of the Swiss Alps using only the purest water, 1936 Bière has a unique, fresh and ultra clean taste.

The water used to brew 1936 Bière filters through the Swiss Alps, taking up to 25 years to reach the source. This unique water is combined with raw ingredients - Swiss hops & golden barley grown at high altitude on the mountains - to create a beer totally free from artificial preservatives or additives. Long famous for its innovative prowess in the development of new beers, the 1936 Bière brewery also leads in the field of climate protection.